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Biological resources are an organic part of natural resources, including animals, plants, microbial organisms which have a certain economic value to humans in the biosphere, and biomes. Biological resources, including genes, species and ecosystems, have certain realities and potential values ​​for human beings; they are the material manifestations of biodiversity on Earth. As a matter of fact, using biotechnology the renewable resources would be the raw materials for large-scale production of energy, materials, chemicals and medicines needed by humans and will be the material basis for a new civilization of mankind. A global industrial revolution is moving towards carbohydrates. For the basic economic development, this is an important trend of sustainable development.The rise of the bio-economy will be the symbol of the arrival of the post-fossil economic era. Industrial biotechnology is the pillar of the bio-economy.


Ecological Industry

Furthermore, at present, human beings face a continuous deterioration of the global living environment, monitoring and protection of the environment and resources is a major issue that cannot be ignored. In order to protect the sustainable life of Taiwan's resources, the government's organizational re- engineering has been integrated into the Ministry of Environment and Resources as a key program, which is also the future of students in the field of ecological diversity. All the teachers and students of this department are committed to work together with the aim to create an “ ecological industry" linking and developing two characteristics of sustainable use of biodiversity and utilization of biological resources.


The Department of Bio resources specializes in the conservation and development of biological resources, foster students to explore, develop and utilize various natural biological resources, combining with related fields such as ecotourism, biological monitoring, ecological conservation and biotechnology to develop into an "ecological industry ". The department is also dedicated to the industrialization of biological resources, the sustainability of biodiversity, the diversification of the industry, and the internationalization of overseas studies.


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