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Description of Admissions Features

The curriculum planning of the Department of Medical Engineering of Daye University is mainly divided into three groups: "Smart Medical Products", "Medical Materials" and "Smart Medical" as the development focus (students choose one or two groups). In the future, medical equipment design engineering and 3D design will be used , Biomedical Optoelectronics and Information, Medical Imaging, Physiological Signal Processing, Biomechanics, Basic Biomedical Image Processing Technology, Medical Instruments and Measurements, Reverse Engineering and 3D Printing, Medical Materials, Thin Film Engineering, Smart Assistive Design and Development... etc. The curriculum is the direction of student learning and research planning. Students can use Bioelectronics, Bioinformatics, and Biomaterial as the mainstream of research and development, and integrate medical electronics, medical instrument appearance design, and AI The development of software and medical regulations is the main focus, and the combination of biomedical materials, biochips and medical information will be used as a future R&D niche.

In the future, students can go to work in biomedical or biotech companies or hospitals. After graduation, students can also apply for the "Medical Engineering" subject of the Level 3 Examination for Civil Service Advanced Examination, which can train students to become "Medical Engineers", "Clinical Engineers", "Computer-Aided Design Engineers" and "Medical Equipment Engineers". All kinds of medical and labor related licenses, the future employment path is quite broad.



Enrollment Project

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Enrollment Postgraduate Admissions Area
Master Class Examination Examination area for master class
Summer vacation transfer test Summer vacation transfer test area
Winter vacation transfer test Winter vacation transfer test area
Admission Selection-Fanxing Recommendation Recommended zone
Selection for admission-individual application Individual application area
Four skills and two colleges-selection admission Four skills and two special selection admission area
Application for Bachelor of Advanced Studies Application area for Bachelor of Advanced Studies
Screening for the Bachelor of Advanced Studies Screening area for advanced studies
Individual enrollment for sports merit Individual enrollment for sports merit