• Wei-Kai Wang, 王偉凱

    Wei-Kai Wang, Professor and Head of Department

    Tel+886-4-8511888 ext 2620、2606
    Job Description
    1. Responsible for the overall planning of the administrative work of the system
    2. Admissions and coordination of teachers to the high school to publicize
    3. Students out-of-campus teaching
    4. Regularly hold department meetings, admissions committee meetings, Committee meetings, IEET committee meetings... and other related system affairs Conference
    5. Annual Course Plan, coordination of lecturers and lecture hours
    6. Planning of special enrollment activities
    7. Arrangement of teachers to guide disadvantaged students
    8. Implementation of the Ministry of Education's teaching plan
    9. Overall planning of laboratory space and equipment
    10. Assigned by the Chief Executive Tasks and implementation

    Position AgentShu-Chuan Liao, Sin-Liang Ou
  • Ching-Lun Wu, 吳青倫

    Ching-Lun Wu, Group Member

    Tel+886-4-8511888 ext 2621
    Job Description
    Registered business
    1、Check of academic qualifications, receipt of relevant materials, on-site registration, distribution of information kits
    2、Freshman information kit: About, freshman manual, academic schedule, calendar, health checklist, a letter from the director, and a letter from the department to freshmen
    Admissions business
    1、Admissions poster copywriting, publicity design
    2、Homework related to university and master's selection admission and examination distribution: manual setting and system login, data review and book creation, interview assignments
    3、Cooperate with various internal and external publicity activities
    4、Department webpage and fan professional management
    Course business
    1、School schedule formulation, course survey, semester scheduling, manual course selection, course negotiation and reorganization, summer courses, student course changes, processing of temporary transfers by teachers, processing of alternative courses
    2、Credits Offset business: all kinds of new students, transfer students, transfer students Credits Offset, data proofreading, error handling
    3、Teacher hours: calculation of special and Part Time hours per semester
    Various meetings
    1、Department meeting
    2、Faculty Evaluation Committee Meeting
    3、Committee meeting (advisory committee meeting)
    4、Admissions committee meeting (notice of meeting, agenda briefing, venue preparation, sign-in form, record matters for the above meetings)
    Department activities
    1、Hold the beginning and end of the term conference
    2、Handling special lectures
    3、Handle business visits from off-campus
    4、Assist the department to learn new orientation activities
    5、Assist teachers to write-off teaching expenses
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    Student Affairs
    1、Student emergency contact
    2、System data input and file creation for class tutors and apprentice tutors
    3、File formation and rewards and punishments recommended for cadres and class cadres of the department
    4、Assist in emergency relief business
    5、Assist students to handle services such as payment in installments
    1、Various budget preparation, execution, verification, and results filling and filing, etc.
    Property management
    1、Cooperate with the general affairs office for annual inventory and maintenance of assets
    Temporary tasks
    1、Assist the self-assessment report to be filed and bound into a book
    2、Assist the supervisor in the creation of data files for various projects
    3、Other temporary assignments
    1、Assist in dealing with students' temporary and emergencies

    Position AgentYang Yiqiao, Shu-Wei LEE