About dbe


The purpose of the department is based on biodiversity, supplemented by ecological monitoring and conservation, to develop the ecological industries, and then promoting the development and utilization of biological resources. In order to achieve the educational goals, students should have the core competence indicators, including "Basic knowledge of life sciences", "Basic knowledge of developing and applying biological resources" and "Basic knowledge of sustainable use of biodiversity." In addition, "the ability to coordinate interpersonal communication and teamwork", "the ability to discover, analyze and solve problems", "the ability to serve learning and social care", "the ability to practice corporate ethics and social responsibility"should be implemented to all students as the basic characteristics.


Educational Goals

  1. Cultivating research talents in the basics of life sciences
  2. Cultivating technical talents for the development and application of biological resources
  3. Cultivating technical talents for sustainable use of biodiversity


Core Competency

  1. The basic knowledge of life sciences
  2. The basic knowledge to develop and apply biological resources
  3. The Basic knowledge of sustainable use of biodiversity


Basic Abilities

  1. Interpersonal communication and teamwork coordinating skills
  2. Discovering, analyzing and problem-solving skills
  3. Abilities to engage in service learning and social care
  4. Abilities to practice corporate ethics and realize social responsibility


Teaching Laboratory

大葉大學醫學工程學系 教學實驗室

大葉大學醫學工程學系 教學實驗室


Clinical Skills Center

大葉大學醫學工程學系 臨床技能中心


Technical Lecture Room

大葉大學醫學工程學系 技術階梯教室


Overseas Internship Program

大葉大學醫學工程學系 學海築夢