Engineering Certification

Da-Yeh Univ. Objective

The school is based on the school vision of "Corporate Partnership University" and "Industry-oriented Teaching and Research University", and follows the principles of "Cultivating Creative Industrial Talents, Cooperative Work Partners, Competitive ) The educational goal of "Modern Citizens, Caring World Citizens, 4C Big Leaf People", clearly defines the basic qualities and core competencies of our students: the three core competencies are "basic competencies, professional competencies, and practical skills"; eight basics Literacy is "humanistic literacy, creative innovation, international vision, teamwork, confidence and perseverance, active learning, professional ethics, leadership management".




Objective - Students can

  1. Use professional knowledge to provide high-quality health care related professional services
  2. Demonstrate humanistic care and professional attitude
  3. Pay attention to global health care related issues and develop professional recognition
  4. Apply problem-solving strategies to deal with health care-related issues through creative and efficient methods
  5. Apply professional ethics principles in the professional field
  6. Possess professional related management capabilities
  7. Use resources to demonstrate lifelong learning ability


Core competencies of this department

  1. Possess professional knowledge in medical device design and materials related fields
  2. Ability to perform special research and write special reports
  3. Have the ability to think creatively and solve problems
  4. Possess basic English skills to absorb relevant scientific and technological new knowledge
  5. Ability to understand issues related to globalization
  6. Possess lifelong self-learning ability
  7. Possess a responsible attitude and recognize professional ethics


Flow chart of continuous improvement of this department