About dbe

In conjunction with the hospitals located in central Taiwan, students can go to these hospitals for "full-time internships" and "summer Internships".


By developing the biomedical materials (such as artificial joints, artificial roots and artificial cartilages), material surface science and tissue engineering, we have established cooperative relationships with major hospitals. The students with outstanding performance can go to these hospitals to interview for employment.


We have cooperated with the Central Medical Materials Enterprise to provide cooperation relationships for related design, manufacturing and testing of medical equipments, such as home accessories, long-term medical equipment and wearable instruments. The students with the outstanding performance can gain the interview chances for employment.


Public Office

  • Technology category: Medical engineering, Medical engineering grades
  • Administrative category: Health and environmental protection administrative team, Medical management grade



  • Clinical engineer, Medical equipment technician, Medical engineer



  • Medical engineer, Biomedical photovoltaic system engineer, Electronic medical equipment engineer, Electronic medical equipment maintenance technician, Biomedical material research and development engineer, Biosensing R&D engineer, Biomedical material manufacturing engineer, Medical equipment R&D engineer


Institute: Master, Ph.D.

  • Medical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Materials engineering, Electrical engineering, Electronic engineering, Medical equipment design and materials science master's degree